About ... Art Inspiration and Process


A childhood memory inspires an exciting new collection of hand colored photographs. In 1960, my grandmother snapped a black and white photograph of our family as we are poised by a lakeside. There we stood, in our classic turn-of-the-decade swimsuits, posed for what the future might hold. Now Mother will stand forever freeze-framed in that moment, dressed in her ruched one-piece while Dad will ever sport abstracted cotton boxer trunks. In tow, Sister and I somehow managed to keep up our oversized knit tanks that were quickly purchased from a nearby dime store. Revisiting this family treasure, I realized there was so much more to tell than just our own personal story. Seen through its box camera lens, this photograph represents an era as it captured the graphic fabric designs, patterns, textures and classic style of late 50's fashion. Very inspired and using the medium I am known for, I have developed a new series of works!


To use as props, I love collecting objects that evoke this era. Arranging vignettes, I shoot photographic images in my studio with a medium format camera using black and white film. Using traditional darkroom techniques, I first hand print on black and white silver gelatin papers, each are later transformed into one-of-kind brilliantly hand colored paintings. I apply color by hand to the matte textured surface with soft cotton then use tiny brushes to lay in the finer detail. Some of these original works are chosen to become part of a special limited edition.

This body of my art makes a cohesive statement about the beauty of a by-gone era which evoked such classic design. Recapturing its mood, I use color and intricate detail to offer a most welcomed escape from the hurry-by world. This body of work invites the viewer to relax and kick back to a slower time when fun and a colorful sense of style ruled our play days.